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Hey Berkeley Family!

Here are the themes for our annual spirit week which is taking place NEXT WEEK from Feb 26th to Mar 1st.

Spirit Week is a FREE school-wide activity, however ALL GRUB DAY RULES APPLY.


Mon 26th: Movie Monday

Come dressed as your favorite character from a movie or TV show.


Tues 27th: Twin Tuesday

Come dressed in identical or similar clothes with a friend.


Wed 28th: Weird & Wonderful Accessories Wednesday and Anything But A Backpack Day

Students wear oversized sunglasses, goofy hats, or quirky jewelry, stockings, gloves – any type of accessory that compliments their grub attire.


Thurs 29th: Throwback Thursday

Come dressed in clothing from your favorite past era.


Fri 1st: Freaky Friday

Students & Teachers SWAP. Students come dressed as your favorite teacher and Teachers come dressed as a Student.





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