Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

We hope you all enjoyed the summer and have experienced a great start to the school year. 

The PTSA plays an important role in making Berkeley a distinguished school by working hard to provide the "extras" that enrich our children's education experience.   It's our participation and support that ensures a vibrant and successful school and sense of community for students, parents, families, teachers, administrators and staff. 

Helpful Resources for parents

The Berkeley Institute’s school  counselors provide academic, social emotional and adjustment counseling as well as college placement, career and vocational counseling and guidance on other post-graduate pursuits.

Throughout the school year, the department presents a number of programs for students and parents ranging from individual
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PTSA Executive Board

PTSA PRESIDENT: Ms. Kim Jackson      kvjackson@gov.bm
PTSA VICE PRESIDENT: My name is Craig Simons, I hold the position of Vice President of the PTSA executive board at the Berkeley
PTSA SECRETARY: I am currently the Secretary of the PTSA Executive Committee.  It is my duty to keep a comprehensive
PTSA TREASURER: It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Berkeley Institute PTSA. I am a proud parent of
PTSA Teacher Representative: It is a pleasure to serve as the PTSA Teacher representative for the year 2018 -2019. It is my intention
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