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The Berkeley Institute, a diverse senior school with a rich heritage and tradition of excellence, provides a stimulating learning environment that prepares students to lead full and purposeful lives and to assume leadership roles in both the local and global communities.

To fulfill this mission, The Berkeley Institute:

Provides a rich and stimulating teaching and learning environment that fosters competence, self-reliance, intellectual curiosity and spiritual discernment;

  • Encourages students to strive for excellence and to conduct  themselves responsibly and with integrity.
  • Promotes and recognizes a high level of professional conduct in the administrative and teaching staff.
  • Maintains the sense of loy

    Academic supports

    Study Tips:

    The importance of homework to students’ progress is essential. The giving of homework is a

    policy of The Berkeley Institute. In order to assist students in deriving maximum benefit from

    their homework, a formal homework system is in place in the school.

    Parents should check this book on a regular basis to keep abreast of the homework issued to you.


    The parent’s signature is required for the advisory inspection.

    Before signing, parents should ensure that all homework has been completed.

    If an assignment is not completed,the subject teacher should initial the appropriate column.

    Detentions may be given for homework infractions but more importantly marks are deducted for late work.

    It is suggested that you set aside sufficient time for homework each night. This should consist of

    these approximate times:

    S1 = Two hours

    S2 = Two hours

    S3 = Two
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