From the Desk of The Principal

September 1, 2017

Dear New Students and Parents, Welcome to the Berkeley Institute! You are about to embark on one of the most important parts of your education journey-attending Senior School. Success in Senior School will empower you to pursue further study in college or university or to become part of Bermuda’s workforce.

The Berkeley Institute has provided excellent educational opportunities for students in the island of Bermuda for 120 years. In this time, our school has built a reputation for excellence, integrity, and perseverance. We are proud of our legacy and we are thrilled that you are becoming a part of the Berkeley family. You are now a Berkeleyite. 

As a Berkeleyite, you have great responsibility to yourself and to the Berkeley community. What is expected of you? Read your Student Handbook carefully to learn the answers. This handbook provides detailed information on the school’s academic programme, expectations for your behavior and what you can expect from the school in terms of requirements, rules and regulations. Much of your school success depends on you and the decisions that you make. Deciding to do your homework, to hand in your assignments, to study for tests, to respect your teachers, and to participate in clubs and activities are all good decisions that will place you on a path toward success. Learn to advocate for yourself by reading information, asking questions, and setting goals for your Berkeley years. You are your own best advocate. Start now by learning what is expected, do and be your best, work and study hard, and conduct yourself with integrity and pride. 

We expect parents to partner with us as we both work to ensure students’ academic and personal success. Thank you for the confidence that you have expressed in us by selecting The Berkeley Institute as your Senior School of choice. We welcome your cooperation and support of school rules and regulations. We expect and rely on your trust in our decisions and actions as we strive to provide the best possible educational experience for your sons and daughters.

Parents, support our Berkeleyites daily by ensuring their punctual attendance at school in their correct uniform and following up with them in the evening to ensure that all assignments are completed and to simply review the day. Set expectations for goals and overall academic attainment. Have discussions about career goals and opportunities. Set clear expectations for influences naturally compete for our young adults’ attention, knowing what parents expect can support positive development and academic progress. Please read, review and discuss this handbook with your son or daughter.

All members of the Berkeley community are committed to student success and we look forward to working with you!

Respice Finem!